ThingsLog – Diamatix partnership a paved way for IoT security offering

Diamatix will benefit ThingsLog as a partner in the Security managed services domain. Diamatix will expand its ThingsLog product portfolio in terms of security. Simultaneously, ThingsLog IoT monitoring services will be made available as part of the Diamatix security as a service solution.

About ThingsLog

ThingsLog required the integration of a security as a service provider into their existing IoT consumption monitoring as a service offering. Diamatix fills that void perfectly. At the same time, Diamatix has a large number of customers in the government and municipal sectors whose services could be improved by ThingsLog IoT monitoring.

About Diamatix

Diamatix provides full range cybersecurity as a service that is both efficient and cost effective. Managing the costs of cyber security and ultimately determining the return on investment is divided into three key areas: CapEx, OpEx, and Human Capital. Diamatix takes a unified approach to bridging those gaps, providing enterprise-grade network security solutions with superior resilience.Transitioning from a CapEx to an OpEx model to help your company become more agile. ThingsLog low power monitoring products would benefit Diamatix customers in the areas of physical security, access control, independent alarm control, and enhanced cybersecurity monitoring of energy usage and consumption.